Whatever it is you long to do, do it today.

I think I’ve always been an artist. I studied Fine Art in college, but after school, with the necessity of earning a living and raising a family, I worked as an illustrator and graphic designer. I always considered myself lucky to be able to earn my way doing something creative, but I still longed to return to fine art.

“Someday I’ll start painting again”, I said to myself for many years. I finally realized that it makes no sense to wait for “someday”. Whatever it is you long to do, do it today. So I started painting again. Unfortunately, health issues now prevent me from painting. I'm glad I did it when I did.

My Abstract Art is now available on Large Canvas Prints, as well as Abstract Art Shower Curtains, Duvet Covers and Pillows to help make your home a truly art-full place to live.

PS: The self portrait is a work in progress that will probably never get finished. Art imitating life.